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We are looking for smart developers like you

If building important software with a group of passionate developers using the newest tools and agile methods interests you, then you are like us. If you want to do that while keeping flexible hours, with a month of vacation per year and living on a tropical island, then keep reading

We are looking for smart developers like you

We’re about to move to a bigger office and have many many opportunities and challenges ahead. We want people who want to code! Code, code and code. Someone to join our AWESOME team and close tasks like there is no tomorrow (although there is always a tomorrow so unit test your code please).  That’s why we are looking for smart developers like you.

We believe that a mix of culture and backgrounds can bring a lot to our company and we are willing to hire talent from wherever they are. And don’t worry, we know that the world is full of challenges and adventures, so we don’t expect you to stay with us forever. Stay as long as you’re happy and as long as you feel challenged.

What are the Requirements?

When we are hiring someone new, we have three requirements for candidates:

1 – they have to be smart
2 – they have to be passionate about programming
3 – they have to be AWESOME.

Our development team:

So now that you know what we are looking for, let’s see if we have what YOU are looking for:


I’m Italian, so you can trust that in our company, we have a real professional espresso machine and we buy the best Brazilian coffee beans we can find. Roasted Yesterday. The first training someone gets here is how to make the perfect espresso. Pair programming with a “barista”!



You will get a super i7 Haswell with 16G and 256G SSD and an extra monitor. We work with the latest version of Visual Studio + ReSharper + anything that you think will make you more productive.


As I said, we hire only passionate developers, and as a company, we try really hard to feed their passion.


way2We are agile since 2006. It’s in the company culture from the developers to the CEO. We use a modified version of scrum, including our kanban, daily meetings and good food in our sprint review meetings.


Where's the Async sufix?

Where’s the Async sufix?

Every new feature is coded in a branch and then a pull request is made to the trunk. This pull request will always receive a code-review so everybody can learn from it.



Your code is guilty until you prove it innocent: everybody writes unit tests :)


The code is built on our CI server. 3000 (and growing) unit tests and 10,000 integration tests are run and the deployment package is prepared for our clients. For some clients, the product is installed via Chef; for others, a package is sent to their IT area. We upgrade our software at dozens of customers sites every two weeks.


You don’t need to become a manager to earn more money. We believe that people can be a developer, become super developer, a jedi developer and a master-of-the-universe-developer and be rewarded for that.

Code quality5

We care about code quality. We want it to work, but we do know that if we increase our technical debt too much, it will bite us back in the future. Every beginning of a Sprint, we get together and discuss every issue in a technical perspective.

Professional Developmenttdc

We want you to be a better developer everyday. That’s why we have an annual budget for you to spend on training, buying books or whatever you feel right. Want to go to a conference? We’ve got your back.
We care and encourage going to and presenting at conferences.

Respect and Friendship


You won’t be working extra-hours here (unless you really want to). Working hours are flexible, we are concerned with what you deliver, not when are you working. There are no managers to micromanage you. You answer to the team. Want to take the Friday off and work on Saturday instead? Ask your team.
And we are not just colleagues here. We work together, we party together and care about each other :)

What kind of projects do you guys have down there?Picture1

We have two teams, each working on a software platform that requires the other:

1 – PIM – Integrated Platform of Metering

PIM ia a huge (and awesome) system that manages and orchestrates the metering data for an Energy Power Distributor. It does everything from preparing the data for billing system, to using sophisticated algorithms to track and find energy losses. It’s built using ASP.NET MVC, Web.Api, lots of javascript and many other libraries.

The difficulty here is that we are collecting huge amounts of data. To be precise, 2880 records per day per meter (smart meters) often for 10,000 meters. We are currently working on systems which can support 1000x higher throughput. Millions of power meters :) Be prepared to deal with non-conventional ways to store data.

2 – The Data Collector

Where does all this data come from? We have a data collector that does this job. This data collector can talk many different protocols to more than 40 kinds of power meters. It its tough work. Async/await everywhere! Many concurrent connections, threads, integrations, bits and bytes, we push C# to the edge here :)

The Data Collector is hugely scalable, loves the cloud and can deal with many types of workload.You can also look at HelloID, a cloud-based Identity and Access management platform if you are looking for identity management solutions.

Well, and what about Florianópolis?


Florianópolis is an Island in the south of Brazil with 420,000 inhabitants. Very touristic and full of people from all over the world. If you like surfing, or hiking, Florianópolis has 42 beaches and many green mountains. If you like running,  there are many good places to run and we have a running team supported by Way2.  If you like good seafood and tropical fruits, there are plenty to be eaten here.

surf surf3

Do you speak English?

Well, you probably know that we speak Portuguese here, but you will be just fine with your English in Way2. It is a bit different on the streets. Although most people only know a word or two,  some can speak English very well. That being said, your life will get easier as you learn Portuguese, and Brazilians are well known for being very friendly and helpful by trying to teach and communicate to foreigners.

What about my VISA to work in Brazil?

Well, it’s not that easy to get the work VISA in Brazil, just as in the rest of the world, but we will help you get it. It usually takes 3 months for the whole process.

You will not be the first foreigner to work for us. Darin, an American Ph.D. in Quantum Physics from Stanford, fell in love with programming and one day sent us an e-mail about coming to Brazil to work with us. He had never written a line of c# and today he is the lead developer of the Data Collector and almost a Brazilian by now :) We also have a Colombian guy called Julian.

Salaries and Benefits

I’m sad to say, but the Real is not the strongest currency in the world. However, we pay above average in Way2,  enough in relation to the cost of living in Florianópolis that you will have a comfortable life here. As a Way2 employee you get:

  • 13 salaries a year (in December, you get 1/12 extra for every month you’ve worked the year) +  bonus
  • food and commutation allowance
  • 30 days of paid vacation + 33% extra pay that month
  • very good health insurance plan (including dental)

How to apply?

I thought you would never ask :)  Just click here:

Let’s code.