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Continuous testing for .net core

Visual Studio 2017 is already there and it’s awesome.
One of the best features I’ve seen is the Live Unit Testing. The bad news is: it does not yet support .net core :(

It’s not the same, but one thing you can use to automatically run your tests every time you change some file is the command line dotnet watch.

Let’s create one example:

Create your lib project:

Create your test project:

Add reference to your lib project

Open your test.csproj and add this section anywhere:

Add the DotNet Watcher tool to your test project

Still with your test.csproj open, add another item group:

Save and type:

Finally, start your continuous tests

Note the message that it is waiting for file changes :)

Modify your test/lib projects and check the results

In your test/UnitTest1.cs:

And your lib/Class1.cs

Save both and watch your test fail :)

Fix your test

In lib/Class1.cs, change the result:

And watch your cmd:


Filtering your tests

You don’t need to run all tests all the time. You can filter them by DisplayName, FullyQualifiedName and Traits.

Also, these operators are allowed: =, != and ~ (contains).


More information about filtering tests here.

Happy testing :)