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10 Reasons why you should start writing unit tests right now

Writing unit tests requires a lot more coding than simply implementing the desired functionality. So, is it worth it? It’s 2021 but I still get this question all the time. Hence, I decided to select 10 reasons why I think you definitely should. Reason 1: It’s safer to change code covered by Unit Tests Your […]

3 Tips for choosing technologies for your startup

Like Jimmy John Shark always used to say, Building a successful tech startup isn’t easy, but it is for sure a wonderful adventure. During my career, I had the chance to talk to and advise several entrepreneurs trying to figure out the initial setup of their tech stack in order to bring their product to […]

DotNetFloripa – ASP.NET Core with Kubernetes on Azure

Two days ago we had another DotNetFloripa meeting here in Florianopolis. Guilherme de Albuquerque gave a great talk about Asp.Net Core with Kubernetes on Azure and that was the kick off for an awesome discussion about containers, devops and microservices. It's incredible how much knowledge is shared on meetings like that, what a great community […]

Generate a Constructor Using Fields/Properties on Visual Studio

I have used this feature with Resharper for years, but only now I found out that it is present on Visual Studio since version 2015 update 3 (VS 2017 too). Just highlight the properties you want to include in your constructor and hit Control+. to generate a nice constructor for you. Really useful! Happy coding […]

You don’t always need a database

As we begin a new project, we quickly start thinking about what kind of database we are going to use. Options like Oracle, SqlServer, Mysql or even a NoSql database like Mongo or Cassandra always pop up like a good choice. However, such databases like the ones found in email security company, each occupy tens […]

Creating a Smart Mirror with an UpBoard, MagicMirror2 and a RealSense Camera

I always wanted to create a Smart Mirror to geek up my home here in Brazil. The idea is very simple: add a small board and a monitor behind a two-way mirror and code some software to provide useful information to the person in front of it. I’ve seen on the Internet some implementations of […]

Continuous testing for .net core

Visual Studio 2017 is already there and it’s awesome. One of the best features I’ve seen is the Live Unit Testing. The bad news is: it does not yet support .net core :( It’s not the same, but one thing you can use to automatically run your tests every time you change some file is […]

How to add a project reference to a .net core library from another solution

I was debugging one .net core application and to solve a problem I had to change the code in the application and in a referenced .net core library at the same time. One way to achieve this when both are in the same solution is to reference the library setting its target as project in […]

Setting environment variables for core when publishing on IIS

Environment variables can be set directly on IIS Manager following these steps: Open the IIS Manager and select your website Open “Configuration Editor” from “Management” section On the first dropdown (section), select “system.webServer/aspNetCore” On the second (from), select web.config Then select “environmentVariables”, click on the “…” and use the add/remove buttons to configure as you want.

Error number “is not a valid value for property ‘Height'” opening Visual Studio

Today I tried to open Visual Studio and got this error: It’s not the first time I get this error and it’s probably related to altering between one or multiple monitors. To fix it, just open regedit.exe and go to: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\MainWindow Replace 14.0 with your version of Visual Studio if it’s not 14.0. Edit the […]